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RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2022

#knollingwithdaisies  by Sue Kent

Getting Started Garden 5 X 5 meters Site no 374

Plants grown by Farmyard Nurseries, Oaktree Garden Centre, David Austin Roses (and some by Sue Kent)

The garden design and planting plan is available to purchase

knolling daisies.jpg

My RHS show garden #knollingwithdaisies  won silver gilt and people's choice awards. The garden was a team effort and many thanks go to  those who helped me.

The organisations listed on this page said yes to helping me create this garden, I am grateful beyond words.

Norman Industries built the walls for  the garden and their artists created the art on this page. Their work is outstanding and their support unfailing.  Norman Industries provide training and support to allow people with disability or chronic illness to work. The garden has been relocated and expanded for wheelchair users.  Its home is now at to Scolton Manor in Pembrokshire .

Farmyard Nurseries are an RHS Gold Medal winning Nursery. They generously and with love supported my Hampton Court garden providing plants , knowledge,  time and planting skills at the show.

Based at  Llandysul in Carmarthenshire, Wales they have a large nursery and provide a mail order online service Visit

Sponsors, Supporters and Landscaper


Norman Industries

Farmyard Nurseries

Supporters of my GoFundMe page and Tophaven Carbon Neutral Homes


Oaktree garden center


Darlac tools

David Austin Roses

Hotbin composters 

Micheal Speller sculptor



Product information see below

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Featured Products

Beliani Bench

 The bench has been chosen for its dual function as bench and lounger.  I don’t like to just sit down in the garden I like to lie down and have a snooze, the show garden is small and wouldn’t fit a bench and a lounger. This bench turns into a lounger so it’s great for a small space. 

I have Meniere’s Disease as do many other people, and lying down is essential at times.   


Balance by Michael Speller

This Michael Speller sculpture is called Balance. I love that the arms do not dominate, and I feel a kinsmanship to this work . I have to balance often on one leg when I garden, and having been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease 5 years ago I have a balance problems when I have a Meniere's attack. It seemed fitting that his statue should rest in my garden for a while.
On loan it is a Foundry Bronze (edition of 12)  Height 180cm Weight approx 15kg

mary delaney.jpg
darlac 5 in one.jpg

David Austin Roses

Mary Delaney is a virtually thornless Rose which makes it easy for people with limited reach to prune, and it is less likely to scratch making it kinder to the eyes and skin. A delicately beautiful, rather unusual climber, bearing pretty pointed buds which open to medium-sized, loosely double, light pink flowers, over a very long season, the flowers are held on slender dark stems and gradually open to expose golden stamens. It has an Old Rose scent.


Everedge is a connecting bendable metal lawn edge made in Britain. I didn’t want to use cement in my show garden for environmental reasons, so I needed to secure the paving around the borders. Everedge supplied galvanized edging which was then distressed to match the other metal work in the show garden. 

Maintenance free, it last for decades, the entire Everedge range is fully recyclable, even the parts which are powder coated, whats not to love?

 Darlac Tools

My show garden needs only hand tools to maintain. Darlac tools have rubber handles which I find easier to grip. They make a range of different tools for easy weeding. They also make  my favourite tool the snipper. When I approach them for help they filled my show garden tool store with hand tools.

dalefoot lakeland gold.jpg

Hotbin Composter

The New Hotbin Mini is a slimline hot composter designed for smaller gardens taking all garden and all kitchen waste is an efficient way of making compost. It’s sealed unit stops smells and keeps out flies and vermin.  As there is no turning, no tumbling, no accelerators and no external power source required it is a great product for those with limited strength / dexterity.

Oaktree Garden Centre

With finances tight and the need to reduce tree travelling miles Oaktree kindly offered to loan me the espaliered fruit trees, again the compact pruning of these trees makes them suitable for a small garden and they are easy to maintain and harvest with limited reach.

Dalefoot Compost

I use Dalefoot peat free compost as it reduces my work load, there is no need to feed and a reduced need to water as the wool content in the composts provides natural water retention and slowly releases nutrients for up to 2 years.   
Sustainably made from from renewable, natural ingredients from their farm in the Lake District the composts are approved for organic growing by the Soil Association

For the show Dalefoot have kindly donated some bags of Lakeland Gold
to mulch the show garden

design inf

#knollingwithdaisies Design

The garden’s DNA is in the historic use of grids for garden designs. Taking lesson from history and incorporating and influenced by the social media hashtag #knolling  

Knolling is the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles; this has been applied to the layout of borders, walls, paving and plant design.

 I have used many plants from the daisy family. They are a flower with a sunny disposition and they inspire me to looks at life in the same way. The plant family is various allowing a cohesive flow to the planting.  

 The garden is a place to rest. Sitting and lying in the garden is a joy, and for some a necessity. People with a physical disability put more energy into gardening: bending, stretching , reaching etc, taking rest is restorative, as a person with Meniere’s disease lying flat essential..

This garden is designed for people who are busy, or who find physical work a challenge. They are keen to garden and are environmentally conscientious. It is planned for them to have time to garden easily and effectively. Not low maintenance but easy maintenance with an emphasis on time to sit, lie, and relax.

 A low environment impact garden that uses reclaimed material with a creative twist and no cement used. Planting to encourage wildlife and be visually uplifting and edibles to further engage the gardener.  The garden has now been relocated to Scolton Manor Park .

Plants have been selected for longevity of interest and easy maintenance, mostly needing pair of secateurs to manage, reducing the need for endless tools in a small space.  There is no lawn avoiding the need to a mower and a must to weekly job, and making it easy for those who can't work machinery. 

The garden is mainly paved using reclaimed paving and illustrates many ground level knolling angle, highlighted by thin strips of planting. Gravel is used around damp areas and side paths. Overtime the plants will self seed, softening the knolling angles. 

Five plant beds are angular, in places the square edges of the design are softened by suitable edging plants.. .

Having a physical difference I find what works for me often makes life easier for everyone, for example narrow borders are easy to work with restricted reach or not, and the plants are more accessible. A repetitive daisy theme to the planting scheme makes for a calm visual experience.  

A strong Welsh connection sings through the garden, welsh steel, welsh timber, welsh plants and welsh design come together for RHS Hampton 2022

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