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Gardeners' World Live 

The theme for this year’s Beautiful Borders at BBC Gardeners’ World Live is My Garden Escape.

I have been asked to create a border for the show, my design pays tribute to three of my great loves: colour, scent and painting

I shall be at the show everyday, giving talks and at my border.

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Pink is my favourite colour, scented flowers are my joy, and painting flowers is my escape. My Border will encapsulate all three of these things with bright pink flower colour fusing to white pink with many scented blooms.  My Border will include glass art and an area for an artist to paint. I hope to include roses, perennials and annuals, possibly some grasses.

sue kent feet and flowers

Colour affects our energies and emotions. By keeping to one colour in all its shades, I am creating a space for visitors to absorb and assess how that colour makes them feel. Pink always makes me very happy and I hope my border will be packed full of inspiring flower form, colour and scent.


With thanks to

Farmyard Nurseries -  Visit

David Austin Roses  -  Visit

For their expertise, plants and support.

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