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Public Speaking

Events confirmed  2023/2024

4th November 2023 Cover to Cover bookshop, Mumbles Swansea 

26 February 2024  Clacton  North East Essex Arts and Literary Society talk  
29 March 2024 Wigmore and District Gardening Club talk 
3 May 2024 Beulieu Gardeners World Live
14th June 2024 NEC Gardeners’ World Live 
26 October 2024 Dorset Hardy Plants talk


Book signings and tailored gardening talks on request

Audience Reviews

"What a fabulous day at Malvern today and your talk was really inspirational   
I got so much out of your advice! 
Your approach to gardening really resonated with me, we're all learning constantly and adapting.


"I saw your talk today at the Malvern spring show and I wanted to let you know how brilliant it was - I was hooked on every word and came away learning so much.  As a novice gardener sometimes things so far out of reach but you reminded of the importance of being curious and not expecting everything to work out. I will certainly be trying to remember all of your checklist!"


"Great to meet you today. Your talk was inspirational, loved your positivity.  Good luck for your garden for Hampton. Will definitely enjoy following."


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